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Book Review: The Golden Rules of Blogging

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Golden Rules Blogging Book

Title: The Golden Rules of Blogging (and when to break them)

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Running a successful blog is still one of the best ways to market your personal or business brand, but getting started can be pretty confusing.

What should you blog about? Which platform should you use? How do you rank well on search engines? How do you encourage people to actually consume your content? The list of questions is endless.

The Golden Rules of Blogging by Robin Houghton is here to help.

This little book provides you with a list of the most widely accepted best practices when starting to blog. It also outlines exactly when you should consider breaking those rules and a number of expert opinions on whether (or not) you should actually do this.

Written in 2015, some of the trend-based advice may be considered a little outdated. However, the fundamentals of blogging as outlined in this book remain the same.

Best for...

Those thinking of starting a blog, or those who have started a blog but aren't really sure what they are doing. This is a great book to quickly and easily her to get to grips with the fundamentals.

We wouldn't recommend this book for those who are already experienced in blogging as the tips may seem a little obvious, although the book can act as a good reminder of the blogging principals regardless of how experienced you are.


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