• owain27

Opinion: Wait, there's a virus?


Can we talk about the current circumstances? Sorry, I mean the current climate? The pandemic? COVID-19? THE coronavirus?

Whatever we call it...we need to talk about it.

Although it actually seems to me to be the only thing we can talk about at the moment. So instead can I ask...can we give it a break?

Firstly, let me put things straight...

I 100% understand how incredibly serious, dreadful and life-altering this global pandemic is. It certainly needs to be centre stage...centre stage in science, centre stage in providing care, centre stage in stopping deaths and in crucial discussions around the economy.

But in no way does it need to be centre stage in...every...single...business communication.

In mid-March (in the UK at least), we were all subjected to a bombardment of emails from companies we vaguely remember and certainly did not give permission to email us. Highlighting their exact and detailed plans on what they are doing about coronavirus.

Since then each communication we receive seems to major on the virus. But not in a helpful way. No, in a way that focuses on convincing us that they are 'aware' of what is going on. Honestly, the number of times I have read the phrase "we are aware of the current climate..." makes me cringe.

Of course, as businesses, we don't want to look like we are 'out of the loop'. But I'm pretty sure that any self-respecting customer will be well aware that you know about COVID-19 and are taking steps to mitigate risks.

Can we drop it? Please?

Let's give our audiences a little credit. They know what is going on. They know that you know what is going on. They also know the challenges they are facing and need you to help them fix those problems, not go on and on about a virus that they cannot get away from.

Owain is the Founder of MAKE IT MANA a social, content and influencer marketing agency based in Bristol, UK. When he is not running the agency, he writes extensively about digital marketing, small business and leadership. You can find Owain on LinkedIn.