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How to Repurpose Blog Content for Greater Reach

Updated: May 10, 2021

Smart marketers know that businesses need to create consistent, compelling content. Both to make their brand discoverable on search engines and to position themselves as leaders within the industry.

But businesses are often faced with the dilemma:

“We are spending LOADS of time creating great content, but we just aren’t seeing the benefit of it”

There is great frustration in investing resources in creating useful, entertaining content, which just doesn’t seem to perform when it comes to helping you achieve your business goals.

A big part of this problem is that we spend too much time creating the content and very little time leveraging that content to generate greater reach. In fact, in many cases, businesses are putting almost zero effort into promoting a piece of content.

As a general rule, you should be spending roughly 40% of your allocated content marketing time creating content and 60% of your time looking to increase the reach of that content. After all, it doesn’t matter how incredible your content is, if it doesn’t reach anybody there is very little point to it at all.

In this article, we cover some tips on how we can leverage and repurpose blog content to increase your business's reach. O, and it will save you a tonne of time in the process.

Start Simple

Before we dive too deep into some smart tactics, let’s start with the fundamentals.

Yes, it’s shocking, but some business actually fail to execute on the basics.

RULE #1: When you publish new content - share it with your network.

This is super easy, all you need to do is write a short update highlighting the benefits/relevance of reading the content and then share it across all your platforms including social media and mailing lists.

It’s simple but effective. People are part of your audience because they care about what you have to say. These are the best and easiest ways to leverage your blog content…so DO IT!

Re-Share Content

We admit, it is pretty rare that businesses don’t share new content with their network (but it does happen). Yet it is commonplace that once they have shared that content once, they never mention it again.

This, my friend, is INSANITY.

“After all that work, it seems silly to share a post just once. Nobody crumples up an oil painting and chucks it in the trash after it’s been seen one time — and the same goes for your content” Moz.com

Most don’t re-share content at the risk of being ‘spammy’. This is a very real concern and can be the case when not done carefully.

When re-sharing content you need to follow three simple rule:

1. Because you re-share doesn’t mean you stop creating new content

2. Every time you re-share you should take a different approach

3. Do not re-share content too often

What we mean by taking a different approach is that each time you post you should change the captions and/or image to ensure no repetition.

Re-sharing is particularly powerful when that content becomes timely or news-worthy. For example, we often re-share key articles here on Better Business Tools as their themes come in and our of popularity

Develop Infographics

Another great way you can leverage your written work to create more compelling content in a way that works perfectly on social media is through the use of infographics.

Infographics allow you to communicate key information through the use of engaging and eye-catching graphics. In the case where your blog content is long-form, creating a snapshot of the most important points in an infographics acts both as a reminder of key information and as a way to drive traffic to your original blog piece to ‘find out more’.

Micro Blogging

People are inherently lazy.

So, even though long-form content is a crucial part of your SEO strategy, as well as an excellent way to position yourself as a thought leader with those that matter to your business, on its own it will not always secure you great results.

People want answers and they want them fast. That is a huge part of the reason why social media is so popular – because it gives people access to super-quick information.

Using a micro-blogging approach to content leveraging is an excellent way to increase your reach and give yourself a huge amount of social media content easily. For example, you may re-share a link to a piece of long-form content, but instead of simply highlighting what is included in the content you give a snapshot of a key point within the content.

By providing value in the social caption you create intrigue in the wider article and can create large amounts of traffic to your site.

Create Videos

Video is an awesome way to up engagement on your social media channels.

In fact, one study suggests that 90% of consumers say that video can help them make buying decisions. With those sorts of stats, can your business really afford to not be using video as a way to leverage your content marketing?

Video creation can be a little daunting, but as a small or medium-sized business, you really do not need to think too much about the production value of your social media videos. Some of the best performing videos online are simply recorded on a smartphone and create a real personal connection between the business and the viewer.

For example, next time you publish a blog post, try creating a short video covering some of the key points or even answering questions you have received about the blog post. This can take as little as 20-30 minutes and generates content across a number of platforms, including:

  • Instagram story

  • Instagram post

  • Facebook story

  • Facebook post

  • Twitter post

  • YouTube video

  • Podcasts...and much more

Take a Deep Dive

If you create a piece of content and it does particularly well, you may decide to leverage that attention and go even deeper. For example, you may create an accompanying podcast or webinar which touches on the subject and allows you to generate even more value, using your written content as a base.

Doing this also allows you to involve thought leaders and influencers from within the industry which not only generates great content but also allows you to leverage their audience and extend your reach.

Repurposing Blog Content for Greater Reach

Blog content should be the beating heart of your content marketing strategy. However, by not leveraging other techniques and tactics you are only tapping to a tiny percentage of its potential.

By spending time generating and leveraging the tips we have highlighted above you will save time, generate higher engagement and ultimately drive more leads for your business.