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How to Find Guest Post (Backlink) Opportunities

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

We all know that building quality backlinks to our website is great for our search engine rankings. It seems simple, we just find a great website, write a great post and enjoy the benefits of our labour.

Except, if you have ever set out to find websites to guest post on, you will know that it just isn't that easy. Beyond the handful of specialist websites that you know and love, it can be tricky to find websites that meet three crucial criteria:

  1. Publishes content relevant to your brand

  2. Is considered by search engines to be high-quality

  3. Accepts guest posts

Below we detail 4 great ways to find websites that meet all three of the points below...

1. Find Lists

This is probably the easiest way to find relevant websites in your industry, although it works best for industries where link building and guest posting are more common. Simply type '[niche area] guest post list' into Google and you will receive lots of examples of websites that accept guest posts.

These lists also usually have additional information included such as domain authority, specialist areas and information on how difficult it might be to get your guest post published.

The only downside to these lists is the fact that lots of people will use them, meaning each website probably gets a huge number of requests to guest post. Ultimately leading to it becoming trickier to get accepted.

2. "Subject" + "Write for us"

You can also use Google to find websites in your specific area that accept blog posts. TO do this simply type in your subject area and then a term that you would typically find on a site that accepts guest posts. For example"

  • "Marketing" "Write for us"

  • "Interior Design" "Submit a post"

  • "Video Games" "Contribute"

  • "Exotic Cars" "Guest Post"

3. Use SEO Tools + Competitors

SEO tools like MOZ can be used to find detailed information on any website such as their domain authority, traffic and performance over time. They also provide key information on the top linking pages to that site.

By typing in your competitor's URLs into these tools you can see which sites they are likely guest posting on AND which of those are most beneficial to their rankings. You can assess all these options to identify which are right for your own business.

4. Backlink Marketplaces

Sure you can achieve lots of quality backlinks with just a little hard work. But if you want to truly ramp up your efforts, publishing more often on higher ranking websites - then a backlink marketplace could be the right option for you.

There are lots of marketplaces available. The example we offer in the video is Rank Warrior. This site allows you to search by your specialist area and find websites that have pre-agreed with the marketplace to post on their site. It also provides lots of additional information on key site metrics and how much a guest post/backlink will cost.

Quality backlinks are great for SEO. But finding opportunities to post them can be hard work. Use the tips here to quickly and easily find the best backlinks for your own website.


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