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Book Review: The Great Man is Dead

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the great man is dead rob cross

Title: The Great Man is Dead: A New Philosophy for Leadership

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At Better Business Tools, we have come to find that there are three types of business book:

Type 1: Those that confirm your current thinking

Type 2: Those that inform you on a subject you know little about

Type 3: Those that kick you right in the face and change your opinion on a crucial matter

The Great Man is Dead by Rob Cross fits comfortably into type 3.

Before reading this book, I'd never really thought about the concept of 'The Great Man'. The concept of this 'man' highlights an expectation for us all (women included) to live up to perfect standards as leaders - being all-knowing, all-seeing and always have the answers and to always ensure that those we lead are always kept on the right path (and in a job).

(Why does Rob use the term 'man'? Read the book to find out.)

The book takes a logical approach. First, Rob explains in a simple and understandable way what 'The Great Man' is and why it doesn't exist anymore (or potentially never did). He then highlights what it really means to be a leader in this uncertain world we live in. Finally, he delivers the tools we need to be the leaders we should/could/can be.

Using stories from Rob's 20+ years of working with leaders across the globe, the lessons described in this book are easy to understand, to remember and to apply to your own challenges in leadership.

There are some absolute golden nuggets of wisdom and mind-altering concepts included in the pages of this book. Grab yourself a copy now to find out more!

Best for...

Those in leadership positions, or those who aspire to be a leader. This book is particularly helpful for any leader that finds themselves holding themselves to unachievable standards.


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