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Book Review: Never Split The Difference

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Title: Never Split the Difference - Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on it

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We negotiate every single day. Whether it is negotiating how we spend our free time with our families, our workloads with our boss or getting a better deal on that huge contract you have had in the pipeline for months. So, it stands to reason that improving our negotiation skills can be a great way to get more out of life on a daily basis.

Chris Voss gives us insight into his extensive experience (a former FBI hostage negotiator) as a negotiation expert and delves deep into the strategies and tactics we should be used to negotiate a better deal, not just for us, but for everyone.

This is a practical book and gives some great real-life examples of how good negotiation should be executed. Despite the highly practical advice available in the pages of this book, it is probably worth buying just for the crazy FBI negotiation stories.

Best for…

Although this book has very clear benefits for those who rely on negotiation on a daily basis, such as sales professionals, this book is incredibly useful for everyone who wants to give more and get more out of life.

Don't have time?

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