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Book Review: Essentialism

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Title: Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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Ever feel like you are very busy but not really achieving that much?

Then this book by Greg McKeown is a must-read.

We often find ourselves with very little time, saying yes to everything that comes our way and generally spreading ourselves too thin. In fact, it has become somewhat of a badge of honour to be incredibly 'busy' all the time in the workplace.

Essentialism takes a look at how focusing our efforts is the best way to build successful businesses. Greg highlights how applying the principals of being a consultant (focusing on success in one task) can help those in businesses get more done.

This really is the perfect book if you find yourself constantly putting out fires. It offers some simple, applicable advice on how to delegate and specialise for much greater success.

Best for...

This is an 'essential' read for anyone in the modern workplace. Whether you are a business owner or team leader, Essentialism offers advice on how to get more done and get it done to a better level.

Don't have time?

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