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Book Review: Company of One

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Title: Company of One - Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business

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On occasion, you read a book that totally changes your outlook on business and to a certain extent, life. THIS is that book for many small business owners and freelancers.

Company of One takes a realistic look at why bigger doesn’t always mean better. In a business world that is obsessed with growth, we often get trapped in an endless circle of ‘bigger is better’. This book makes you take a step back and really question this belief.

After all, our businesses should serve us. We start them to impact the industry, develop our passions and support our families. So why do we sacrifice disruption, take a step away from our passions and even lose profit to build ‘bigger’ businesses?

Best for…

By its nature, this book is totally ideal for freelancers and small business owners. However, the author also applies his theories to those within bigger businesses, especially those who lead teams.

This is a perfect read for those who have ever questioned their ‘why’ in business and want to get a better understanding of how smaller can be better when it comes to satisfaction.

Don't have time?

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