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Better Business Books: SYSTEMology

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systemology business book david jenyns

Title: SYSTEMology

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How does your business benefit you?

Not many business owners find themselves asking this question. Even when they are asked, they often reply with something along the lines of "I take a wage".

But you can take a wage from any job - so why put in the time, effort and risk it takes to build your own business if all you want is a steady wage?

In his book, SYSTEMolofgy, David Jenyns takes you step-by-step through how business owners can implement a systems approach to their business. Not only does this help owners generate consistency and eliminate wasted effort, but it also allows them to take a step away from the business, giving them the ability to:

  1. Focus on the bigger picture

  2. Take time off whilst still being paid

  3. Sell the business

Of course, it can be a little daunting for business owners to do - needless to say, the thought of your business not needing you or your skills can be a bit of a shock to the ego. But if you ever want to do anything beyond 'taking a wage' from your business then you HAVE to take action to systemise each and every part that is core to its ongoing profitability.

This book offers valuable insight into how to do this. Pulling on his real-world experience, David makes it easy to understand and even easier to follow with sections at the end of each chapter telling you exactly what to do next.

We found this book very insightful and would recommend it to any business owner - even if your goal is simply to understand your business better.


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