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7 Best Influencer Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2021

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

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Want to get to grips with the art of influencer marketing in 2021? Then this is THE article to read (if we don't say so ourselves)...

Without a doubt, influencer marketing (IM) is one of the most fast-paced, chaotic and generally confusing marketing tools out there. First of all, it seems simple…get influencers to talk about your brand, product or services…then sit back and reap the benefits. But scratch that surface and all the complexities of working with influencers come tumbling out...

Which platforms should I be targeting?

How do I get influencers to reply to my emails?

Should I be paying influencers?

What are big businesses doing that I should be aware of?

How do I stop getting ripped off by dubious fake-influencer?

How is the industry changing?

Are there any threats to how I do things?

...The list goes on. It can seem futile...

But you are in luck! There is a wealth of information out there to help you learn and understand best practices and current trends. From insightful data through to simple how-to guides, you can find it all online…if you know where to look.

In this article, we run through some of our favourite influencer marketing blogs, saving you time in sorting the wheat from the chaff…so, let’s begin…

talking influence blog page

Easily best in class when it comes to dedicated influencer marketing media blogs is Talking Influence. This site focuses on delivering everything from breaking news to opinion pieces from industry leaders (including some of those mentioned below).

Talking Influencer also acts as a hub for key industry information such as a company directory, job board and upcoming events.

What to expect

  • A mix of content types including great opinion pieces

  • A one-stop-shop for all your influencer marketing needs

  • The latest updates from the industry

Scott Guthrie blog page

Scott is an award-winning influencer marketing blog writer, knowledgeable influencer marketing professional and all-round good guy.

His influencer marketing blog on taps into the latest trends and big news related to the influencer marketing space. His detailed insights are focused towards providing facts of the matter and therefore are a great source for widely unbiased and independent content.

Scott’s influencer marketing blog was ranked as a UK Top 10 PR blog by Vuelio in 2018, 2019 and 2020. He has also been mentioned as a Top 50 Industry Player by Talking Influence in 2018 and 2019. Both of these accolades are a testament to his area knowledge and expert writing skills.

What to expect

  • Current topics in influencer marketing

  • Award-winning content

  • A general dislike for ‘influencer advertising’

Onalytica blog page

Onalytica are well known for being a leading influencer discovery and relationship management software provider in the B2B space.

But they aren’t all business, their website also holds one of the most insightful influencer marketing blogs on the internet. With a major focus on educating their customers and others in the industry, Onalytica applies their industry knowledge and insight to their content.

What to expect

  • Deep insight into industry topics

  • Helpful how-to guides to all elements of the influencer marketing process

  • Industry-leading white papers on influencer relationship management.

Tom Augenthaler blog page

Tom is an expert influencer marketing consultant based in the USA. Due to his public relation experience with businesses like HP, Tom knows what he talking about, especially when it comes to influencers in the tech space.

His website and blog is a go-to for businesses seeking easy to understand, practical and applicable advice on leveraging influencers to their benefit. He also hosts masterclasses and courses on-site, providing access to top knowledge without the huge consultancy price tag.

What to expect

  • Advice on influencer marketing that can easily be applied to all business situation

  • A fun and personable writing style

  • Data backed facts and figures

traackr blog page

A leader in the development of influencer discovery, management and analytics software. Traackr help businesses get more out of influencer relationships.

The blog section of their website provides a fascinating insight into all aspects of influencer marketing. The thing we love most about the Traackr blog is their talent for collating insight from some of the best influencer marketing professionals out there.

In fact, recent articles feature interviews with Scott Guthrie, mentioned earlier in this list.

Expert in-blog linking if we do say so ourselves!

What to expect

  • Attention-grabbing blog titles

  • Deep insight calling on their extensive knowledge and experience

  • How-to guides, interviews with industry leaders and success stories.

billion dollar boy blog page

Sneakily disguised as a business 'news' section of their website, Billion Dollar Boy's blog is a great place to dive into everything from interviews with key influencer marketing players to opinion pieces giving interesting thoughts on the latest trends.

What to expect

  • Great opinion pieces and interviews with industry leaders

  • A focus on B2C influencer marketing and exciting social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok

  • Interviews with influencers

influencerdb blog page

InfluencerDB is the influencer marketing platform used by some of the biggest brands in the world including Zalando, Asics and Casio.

A platform built with the power of Instagram native influencers in mind, InfluencerDB’s blog, therefore, lends itself primarily to the education of B2C brand marketers. By offering hands-on, practical advice on everything from crisis management to busting influencer marketing myths, you are guaranteed a good read.

What to expect

  • Specific advice for B2C brands

  • Leading combination advice on practical short-term results and building longer-term relations with influencers

  • Content on influencer identification, strategy, management and analysis of influencer marketing campaigns.

The Best Influencer Marketing Blogs 2021

Picking a great influencer marketing blog and following it is going to help you get the most out of your influencer campaigns and relationships. Most importantly, getting a varied input from bloggers, thought leaders and solution providers will let you absorb all key sources of information and make your own decisions about how influencer marketing can benefit your business.


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