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25 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow in 2020

Updated: May 31, 2020 is reader-supported. We occasionally use affiliate links from trusted partners when they fit naturally with our content. Find out more here.

best marketing blogs

Increasing our marketing knowledge is a proven way to increase exposure, develop brand and take our business to the next level. But with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know where to turn to find the best, most relevant experience. We are faced with countless options - events, business books, white papers, blogs.

In this guide we have done the hard work for you, at least when it comes to blogs, listing 25 of the very best digital marketing sites on the internet. We give examples of go-to resources used by marketing professionals, including blogs specialising in content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO and social media.

Do you think we have missed a fantastic marketing blog on this list? Let us know.

Top Content Marketing Blogs

Content Marketing Institute Blog

"Probably the best online resource for content marketing tips, tricks and advice you can find. This blog covers pretty much any aspect of content marketing you can imagine"

copyblogger blog

"A go-to resource for improving your copywriting, blogging and content marketing skills"

Convince&Convert Content Marketing Blog

"Voted the number 1 content marketing blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute. Full of practical tips and advice to take your content marketing to the next level."

Copy Hackers Copywriting Blog

"A huge resource for those looking to improve their copywriting skills and boost their conversions as a result."

Top Influencer Marketing Blogs

Onalytica Influencer Marketing Blog

"The Onalytica blog is a valuable resource for those leveraging the power of influencers. Find content spanning from top industry influencer lists to detailed whitepaper and everything in between"

Talking Influence Influencer Marketing Blog

"News, trends and advice on everything influencer marketing. Great, easy to digest content...the perfect option to help you keep your finger on the pulse."

Scott Guthrie Influencer Marketing Blog

"Intelligent and thought-provoking insights into key topics and trends in the influencer marketing space."

The Influence Marketer Blog

"Hosted by influencer marketing thought-leader Tom Augenthaler, expect advice, insight and to the point analysis on key trends."

Traackr Influencer Marketing Blog

"Industry insight from leading influencer marketing platform provider Traackr."

Top Social Media Marketing Blogs

Social Media Examiner Social Media Blog

"If you have ever Googled a "how-to" on any social media topic, you have probably already come across Social Media Examiner. This site is a comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to increase their social media knowledge"

Social Media Explorer Blog

"A comprehensive blog covering the social media space. Expect everything from tools and tips to the latest news and trends."

Social Media Today Blog

"Keep up to date with the latest news in the social media space"

Buffer Social Media Blog

"Helpful, practical advice from a leader in the social media scheduling and management tools - Buffer"

Hootsuite Social Media Blog

"Detailed insight, reports, advice and news from the social media space."

Top SEO Blogs

Neil Patel SEO Blog

"Neil Patel is a legend of search engine optimisation. In his blog, he teaches you everything you need to know about how to increase the rankings of your website."

Vertical Leap SEO Blog

"Vertical Leap are leaders in the SEO and PPC space. Their blog is a fantastic resource for everything

Search Engine Land SEO Blog

"Get the latest news, advice and tips on taking your search engine marketing to the next level"

"ahrefs create powerful tools to help you rank higher on search engines like Google. In their blog, they pursue the same goal by providing you with practical, actionable advice on boosting your search engine rankings."

SEMrush SEO Blog

"An excellent resource for those that want to get to grips with how search engines work and what you can do to perform better on them."

Top Specialist & General Marketing Blogs

Drift Conversational Marketing Blog

"Drift offers an industry-leading conversational marketing tool. Their blog gives practical advice on using all manner of digital marketing tools to take your business to the next level."

Duct Tape Marketing Blog

"Duct Tape Marketing is full of great advice on how to apply digital marketing to overcome challenges and increase exposure for your business.

TopRank Marketing Blog

"Data-driven, insightful content that will help you get a better grip on marketing concepts and how you can apply them to achieve success.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

"If it has anything to do with inbound marketing, you will find advice and guidance from industry leaders on the HubSpot marketing blog."

CMO Adobe Marketing Blog

"It will probably come as no surprise that any blog my Adobe is going to be full of evidence-backed, detailed and useful content. This is certainly the case with CMO by Adobe."

WordStream Digital Marketing Blog

"Great, practical advice on everything to do with digital marketing".

Dive into our list of the best digital marketing blog to find yourself the best resources to increase your knowledge and to find the tips and advice you need to take your business to the next level.

Do you think we have missed a fantastic marketing blog on this list? Let us know.


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