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24 Business Blogs That Will Help You Grow in 2023 is reader-supported. We occasionally use affiliate links from trusted partners when they fit naturally with our content. Find out more here.

Chart grown on paper showing the growth of a business
Business blogs can be a rich resource for small and growing businesses.

It is impossible to predict the future, especially in business. But there is one thing that is sure - educating ourselves is a great way to help protect against these unknowns. Knowledge is a powerful tool, helping us adapt quickly and efficiently to any new challenges that this year may still yet throw our way.

As you are already reading this article the likelihood is your thirst for knowledge is high (great!). So we know you are going to love our list of top business blogs and resources.

We compiled this list to help make it easy for you to find valuable and trustworthy resources to help you grow your business.

To make things easier, we have split these blogs into sections:

Marketing Blogs (helping you reach your audience in a more compelling way)

Sales Blogs (helping you find more prospects and close more sales)

Finance Blogs (helping you strengthen and grow your business finances)

Customer Service Blogs (helping you better serve your customers and earn their loyalty)

HR & Recruitment Blogs (helping you nurture and grow your team)

Ready to learn and grow? Read on...

Marketing Blogs

screenshot of Neil Patel blog
Neil Patels blog is simple to navigate and easy to digest.

If you have ever searched for a topic around search engine optimisation, you have likely already come across Neil Patel's blog.

We love this blog for many reasons. Firstly is just how simple and actionable the articles are, making them ideal for busy business leaders that just want to get the job done. It also offers some great tools such as a keyword tool which can help make your SEO search a breeze.

screenshot of Moz blog page
The Moz blog is a great resource to help you build better search engines rankings.

If you want to grow your business by boosting your search engine rankings (who doesn't) then Moz is a great blog to visit and brush up on your knowledge. The SEO platform is an industry leader and the knowledge they provide is second to none.

screenshot of HubSpot blog
The HubSpot blog offers easy to digest content for small businesses.

HubSpot is a well-known SaaS provider that offers tools for all businesses from CRM through to specific sales and marketing platforms. Their blog is a great place to start if you want to learn more about inbound sales and marketing. For further self-education, we also highly recommend trying out some (totally free) courses on the HubSpot Academy.

screenshot of Hootsuite blog
Want to improve your social media? Hootsuite's blog is a great place to start.

Hootsuite is the go-to social media management platform to countless businesses - and for good reason. For all the latest insight on social media trends, tips and best practices, the Hootsuite blog is the place to start.

screenshot of Content Marketing Institute blog
Unsurprisingly the content on the CMI website is top-notch.

They say content is king! If you want to improve your content marketing efforts in 2023, there is no better website to bookmark than the blog on The Content Marketing Institute. You will find everything here from tips on content creation to the latest trends in the industry.

Screenshot of Better Business Tools blog
Better Business Tools offers impartial, well researched advice to ambitious small businesses.

Of course, we aren't going to miss out our very own website when it comes to growing essential business knowledge in 2023. As we covered everything from marketing to the best office coffee machines, the BBT site would fit comfortably into any category in this article - but we had to pick one, so here it is.

Use BBT as your go-to business resource, offering you quick and actional news, advice and reviews that will help you take your small and growing business to the next level. You can also sign up our newsletter (form in the footer of this page) to get all the best insight direct to your inbox.

Shameless plug = complete!

screenshot of Ahrefs blog
Find loads of great SEO advice and tools on the Ahrefs blog

Another fantastic resource for those looking to boost their search engine ranking is the Ahrefs blog. Just like Neil Patel, Ahrefs provides readers with simple, actionable guides to all their SEO needs. It also offers simple-to-use SEO, many of which are free (but require you to pay for more advanced functionality).

screenshot of econsultancy blog
Econsultancy is the place to go for the latest industry news and trend insights,

eConsultancy is another great media site for all your marketing needs. This site primarily focuses on marketing trends and insights, so is most suitable if you have a deep interest in marketing or work specifically within the marketing industry.

Sales Blogs

Screenshot of the Close blog
Visit the Close blog to take your sales tactics and strategy to the next level.

Not only does Close provide businesses with a leading sales platform, but they also offer one of (if not THE) best sales blogs on the internet. If you want to smash your sales targets in 2023, make a regular visit to Close and dive into their useful sales articles.

screenshot of Sales for Life
Sales for Life are a great resource for growing your sales knowledge

The Sales for Life blog offers readers great insight into how to improve their knowledge in the sales area. It touches both on established techniques and processes as well as new trends in the sales area.

The downside? They haven't published fresh content in almost a year. Come on guys, we want more of that great sales advice!!

screenshot of Sales Hacker blog
Sales Hacker is the perfect blog for those in the B2B space.

The Sales Hacker website is an invaluable resource for those who operate in the B2B sales space. Packed with useful information on everything from the best sales tools to B2B sales statistics, you are always going to leave this site a little more knowledgeable than when you came to it.

screenshot of Sales Gravy blog
Sales Gravy is dedicated to helping you grow your sales knowledge.

Sales Gravy is your go-to site for improving your sales skills. They offer a full suite of tools for boosting your sales knowledge from sales training courses to deeply insightful blog posts on various topics in the sales space.

Visit here if you want to take a strategic approach to growing your sales expertise.

Finance Blogs

Screenshot of small business bonfire blog
Small Business Bonfire covers everything you need to know to grow your small business.

Small Business Bonfire is an incredible resource for (you guessed it) small businesses.

A bit like Better Business Tools, the Small Business Bonfire site spans multiple business areas from marketing to customer service, their 'money' section is especially useful for professionals looking to boost their financial intelligence.

screenshot of Love Finance blog
Know your business finance options with the Love Finance blog

Love Finance is a small business loan company that also hosts a really helpful blog. Come here for advice on your options for financing your business.

screenshot of Investopedia.
Investopedia is a financal news site that also offers education around financial topics.

Investopedia is known by many as a leading site of financial and investment information.

Whatever you want to finance topic you want to educate yourself about it is probably on this site in a well-written and easily digestible form. We are a particular fan of the Financial Terms Dictionary, which helps you understand the various jargon thrown around by financial professionals.

...because what are FAANG stocks anyway?

screenshot of economics UK blog
It might look a little old school, but this blog always has the lates insights on the financial markets.

This fantastic blog is written by David Smith, the Economics Editor of The Sunday Times.

Dive into the details and learn about the latest trends in economics from this industry expert. This blog is especially useful if you are trying to get a view of the economy and how that may impact your business moving forwards.

Customer Service Blogs

screenshot of Zendesk blog
Clean and easy to navigate, Zendesk's blog is a great resource.

The Zendesk platform is used by countless businesses to deliver expert customer support. So it should come as no surprise that their blog is also a hub of valuable information surrounding the topic of customer service.

Screenshot of totango blog
Browse the Totango blog to find insight, advice and best practices in customer service space.

Although the Totango blog appears to focus heavily on company news and product updates, it is also a great place to get up to date with all the best practices in the customer service space.

screenshot Gainsight blog
Want easy to digest news and insight? This is the blog for you.

The Gainsight blog is a great resource for those looking to build a community around their brand and build better customer service in their business. their blog posts are well-written and easy to digest.

screenshot of clientsuccess blog
Learn to know and serve your customers better with the ClientSuccess blog.

The Client Success blog is the perfect site to bookmark if you have a general interest in customer service and you want to improve how you deal with and serve your customers. It is full of easy-to-digest information and actionable insight.

HR & Recruitment Blogs

screenshot undercover recruiter blog
Expert insight into the recruitment industry.

Want to gain a better insight into the recruitment space? Than Undercover Recruiter is a great blog to dive into. Read about the latest trends, news and insights from the recruitment world.

screenshot of HR bartender
For straight talking HR advice and insight visit HR bartender.

The personal blog of HR specialist Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender offers business leaders expertise in the key areas of human resource management. It is a fantastic resource for those who want to grow their knowledge of HR.

screenshot of the cheap happiness offer blog
Happy employees and happy employees, learn all about workplace happiness here.

Probably the best-ever name for an HR blog, The Chief Happiness Officer Blog is a resource for those who want to grow happy, proactive and successful teams. There are also countless videos and webinars on the subject, so whatever your viewing preference there is something for you!

screenshot of the HR Grapevine blog
Keep up-to-date with all the latest from the HR space.

HR news moves fast. The HR Grapevine is your go-to source to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world of human resources.

The Best Business Blogs for 2023

Have we missed a great blog? Let us know by getting in touch or drop a comment below!


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