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What motivates you to go to work?

The paycheck? Perhaps...

...yet recent studies are showing an increasing trend for talented employees seeking fulfilment beyond financial reward in the workplace. Of course, in our jobs, financial needs must be met. But once they are many other factors can come into play.

So, what does motivate you to go to work?

In this article, we explore some of the best office perks. Take some inspiration and pick some that you could apply to your workplace.

1. Dogs in the office

Research suggests that being around and petting dogs (and other furry friends) is a great way to reduce blood pressure and stress.

In addition (as if you need another reason), office dogs can promote healthy lifestyles (walkies) and bring teams together.

2. Great coffee

Great businesses run on great coffee. Introducing great coffee to the office is a small, but effective move that can really increase motivation. There are lots of options when it comes to office coffee machines, spanning from the fancy to slightly-better-than instant.

3. Paid time off

Businesses are increasingly understanding their crucial role in society, with many now offering paid time off to their employees to work on community projects and charities.

4. Generous pensions

Certainly not sexy, but employees are becoming more aware of their retirement and the pensions that are in place to support them. Besides the mandatory government schemes, great businesses offer highly competitive pension schemes for their employees.

5. Ping pong, table football etc

There are three huge benefits to providing games such as ping pong and table football in your office. Stress relief, team building and keeping your employees active.

6. 'Free time'

Some businesses have seen a huge benefit in providing their employees with 'free time'. The concept behind this is to allow individuals to step away from their day jobs and work together on practically anything they like.

In the book Drive by Daniel Pink there are some great examples of how businesses have massively profited from the products, services and solutions created in this time.

7. Career development and further education

Career development is clearly a huge motivating factor for many employees. By facilitating the growth and further education of employees you creating employees who are better equipt to support your business, whilst in turn, helping them progress their career.

8. Gym memberships

Free gym membership is a great office perk. As a general rule, healthy, fit and happy employees take less time off work, are less stressed and have increased energy...all resulting in a more productive workplace.

9. Delicious food

Visit any office and you will hear at least conversation about 'what people are having for lunch'. Providing access to great, healthy food is a good way to boost morale and motivation in the office...better yet, feed them for free!

10. Financial support and advice

Money isn't everything to the modern worker. But when someone does have money problems, it can seem like the world is crashing down around them.

If you are able to do so, supporting your employees with professional financial advice and even financial support such as loans with no or very low interest is not just ethically sound, but ensures that they can remain focused on their role.

11. Stand up desks

Expecting your employees to sit at their desks and work for long periods of time can be damaging to their health. Going one step beyond the health and safety recommendations and providing your employees with adjustable desks and chairs is a good way to keep them comfortable and safe.

In the modern working world, a reasonable salary is the entry point for employee motivation. To truly have a happy and healthy workforce you need to consider what other benefits and options are open to you. Use this guide as inspiration to building a better workplace.


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